5 Khoảnh Khắc Bạn Đã Quên | Giải Grand Prix Bồ Đào Nha

Những vụ xô xát, va chạm và mọi thứ ở giữa … Grand Prix Bồ Đào Nha đã chứng kiến ​​tất cả! Hãy xem năm khoảnh khắc này bị thời gian che lấp. Để biết thêm F1® ….


Written by FORMULA 1


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  1. Where the title says 'Moments You Forgot', just imagine it says 'or Didn't See Because You Didn't Exist Yet' 😜

  2. It is amazing that the footage from the 80s and 90s can be digitally remastered to be full HD, looks fantastic.

  3. "Both Ferraris out by Lap 39" – Hey. That`s my Tip for this Weekends race. What a coincidence.

  4. It's so exciting have F1 back to Portugal back to Portugal after many years. I dont even remember the last GP in my own country. I guess not everything is bad in 2020.

  5. Ha, all of the "I wasn't even born yet!" comments actually fill me with hope because it tells me F1 is alive and well with the younger crowd, not just old farts like me. 👍

  6. You too seem to have forgotten the Berger Patrese 1992 crash, surely it deserved a place (more than Alesi and Brabham imho)

  7. Ok I know the Gp is soon but you have to admit it’s probably Hamilton that’s gonna win but the reason why verstappen should get the win because it was actually contended for unlike the black bullets of Mercedes

  8. Alesi vs Brabham – are you kidding me? That's nothing worth to remember.
    What about Gerhard Berger 1993 pit exit?

  9. Seen all of them bare the Hill roll since it was not shown on TV in my country. There were many others: Hakkinen being better than Senna in his first race for Mclaren, Lauda winning over Prost for half a point in 1984 in the epic finale, a big crash somewhere in 1987 at the start, another one in 1995 when Katayama rolled on the top, and oh so many other.

  10. @Formula 1 Perhaps next time you could include Pierluigi Martini leading the race for one lap in 1989… still a highlight for the Minardi team!


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