Novak Djokovic CHẾ ĐỘ ĐẸP vs Coric | Điểm nổi bật của Vienna 2020

Một màn trình diễn tuyệt đẹp từ số 1 thế giới cho đến tất cả, trừ ngôi vị số 1 lịch sử vào cuối năm SIXTH … ĐĂNG KÝ kênh của chúng tôi để có những video hay nhất về quần vợt ATP và …


Written by Tennis TV


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  2. I hope that Djokovic's first serve can get 85-90% in (like his coach Goran Ivanisivic), if Nole can do that, he can beat Nadal, and his groundstrokes will return to the era of 2012 which is so dominant

  3. Novak could have 7 year end world no 1 if he hadn't injured during 2019 USO where he was defending champion.

  4. Great match! Statistically, Coric was the better player in much of the first set. But Novak toughed it out and then played some of his absolute best in the second set!

  5. So much wished he would one day beat Rafa on RG finals but hasn't happened yet in finals of RG.
    This time honestly it was a timid display from him especially in 1st set.
    Please Jokovich improve your pace and hit short snappy shots like Rafa on clay to beat him.
    Long rallies and time taking tacticts don't work on clay against fast players like Thiem or Rafa.
    Please you can beat them but improve tactically.Improve your pace on clay. Rest you are fine

  6. They relaxed the restriction? I see more people packed into the stadium and players shook hands after match.

  7. Perché ha fine partita, ha Jovovich, a Nadal, non fanno lanti doping, guardate la faccia di Jovovich durante e dopo la partita e stravolto,fa cose insensate, e in più, alcuni mesi lui e Nadal, spariscono dai campi di gioco, e ritornano più ( giovani e forti ) di prima e non si sa dove e cosa fanno, ci sono, e puntualmente accuse di doping, ma non si seguita ha indagare, capisco il business, ma allora la vita non conta nulla. Datemi una risposta grazie. Alfonso. Rullo.

  8. Se non vado errato, x. Nadal, anche alla fine del torneo vinto x la 13, volta ci sono state insinuazioni, un componente del governo francese, fece dichiarazioni dirette di doping, il medico. Spagnolo, dello sport, è stato arrestato, poiché non usciva fece un intervista, dicendo che se parlava lui, x le sacche di sangue trovate senza i nomi, disse se parlo io, muore lo sport. Spagnolo, i primi sport, erano tennis, ciclismo, atletica, pallone, ecc, subito e stato scarcerato è nessuno ha approfondito, così anche x Jovovich,. Grazie. Date delle risposte. Alfonso. Rullo.

  9. Roger. Feder, 20, anni di tenis. Sampras,. Edberg, sono stati fermi x infortuni normali x sportivi, hanno avuto una continuità, lunga e gli infortuni erano e sono di un normale stresse, operazioni al ginocchio al gomito, e finivano partite tirate ha morte, vincevano ho perdevano, non hanno mai avuto il viso stravolto assente e travolgente

  10. The best player all the time!!! No1e mi te volimo !! 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 do it better !!!

  11. Novak is great thinker of tennis. Bruce Lee, Sensei.His tennis is kung fu. Always few step ahead. Still, i mis Ivanisevic 220 km/h servis and gem's finished in cca 20 sec. with 4 as in a row .

  12. Every inconsistent and lazy player must learn from djokovic ,how to battle for each point,not leaving second set also etc

  13. Win ATP 1000 tournament beating one of top 3 seed player
    1.Đoković 22/36 (61,1%)
    2.Nadal 18/35 (51,4%)
    3.Federer 13/28 (46,4%)

    Win ATP 1000 beating one of top 3 seed player in final
    1.Đoković 17/36 (47,2%)
    2Nadal 13/35 (37,1%)
    3.Federer 9/28 (32,1%)

    Win ATP 1000 against unseeded player in final
    2.Đoković 5/36 (13,88%)
    1.Nadal 4/35 (11,42%)
    3.Federer 4/28 (14,28%)

    Win ATP world tour finals tournament beating one of top 3 seed player
    2.Đoković 4/5 (80%)
    3.Nadal – (0%)
    1.Federer 6/6 (100%)
    Win ATP world tour finals beating one of top 3 seed player in final
    1.Đoković 4/5 (80%)
    3.Nadal – (0%)
    2. Federer 2/6 (33,3%)
    Win Grand Slam final beating one of big three.
    2.Đoković 8/17 (47,05%)
    1.Nadal 11/20 (55%)
    3. Federer 4/20 (20%)

  14. Though novak is extraordinary, coric has given tough fight.. Keep it up upcoming.. All the best

  15. 1:25 that may have been the most athletic point I've ever seen in tennis. I mean that was next-level type defense, even for Djokovic.

  16. 1 53

    Why did Ciric hit ball to the left side instead of right side???


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