Djokovic VS Nadal – Úc mở rộng 2012 – Chung kết – Toàn trận HD

Djokovic VS Nadal – Australia Mở rộng 2012 – Chung kết – Tỷ số Chung kết HD toàn trận: Djokovic Thắng 5/7 6/4 6/2 6/7 7/5 sau 5h53! Đừng quên Subscribe để được thông báo ….



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  1. I thought this was the best tennis match in history, and then Wimbledon 2019 happened.
    Novak lost many finals, but he won all the epic matches.

  2. I remember this day very well. At first i was really pissed because we had a football tournament at that very morning(Europe). So i didnt had the opportunity to watch the match. I recorded the match but i knew i wouldnt be the same to watch it afterwards. Then suddenly i came home around noon or even later and i saw the match was still on. The fifth set hasnt even started at that time. Even though i missed FIVE hours. Crazy crazy game 😁

  3. Already 8 years ago but I still waching this . Great both of them but last man standing ia Novak Djokovic the best in the world. Respect for Rafa.

  4. 3:44:57 after randomly starting on this point and watching it – and having not seen tennis from this long ago in about a year – I have to say that it's total bullshit when the pundits say that these guys are better now than they were before. … LOOK AT THIS! They do not hit the ball this hard now-days! The pundits are just ass-kissers. (No surprises here). … That being said – come on, "next gen"! YOU are the ones in your prime. Rise up! Take the spotlight, damn. They just want to hang back in the limelight and whine about how tough it is. … NO IT'S NOT. Grow some balls, and kick their asses.

  5. Hard to wrong foot Djokovic on the Australian hard Court. Also, hard to wrong foot Rafa on the clay courts. That why they win on their surfaces.

  6. Remembered I fell asleep in the middle of the match, when I woke up few hours later it was still on! Insane.

  7. Unbeleivable mental match……the most brutal final ever in a grand slam…..nadal lost this match serving at 4-2 in the 5 set at 30-15…..djoko made a bad short volley…..the ball was high in the middle of the court and the court completly open and nadal missed.

  8. One of the commentators must have been out of those butthurt people when Djokovic started beating Nadal and Federer. He is so biased.

  9. 4-2 on the 5th. Nadal serving 30-15. Nadal had a wide open court and sent it out. Djokovic went on a 5-1 run to win the title. Biggest miss of the game.

  10. Duuuude this match was a absolute in foking sanity! And another detail is that Nadal beat Federer in the SF and Djoko beat Murray in a 5 set in the SF also! Possibly best match ever here in the final and the combo with fhe SFs make it even greater

  11. It's always annoying listening to the bias Nadal commentary…..Djokovic deserves better!

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  13. Заибал реклама сука все равно не буду смотреть.


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