Verstappen vs Leclerc – Ai có tiềm năng hơn?

Max Verstappen và Charles Leclerc là hai trong số những ngôi sao sáng nhất cho tương lai, nhưng ai có tiềm năng hơn? Theo nhận xét của Sebastian Vettel rằng nó có thể …


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  1. Verstappen better off the block, but leclerc learns quicker so over time he will be better

  2. Leclerc seems like the more complete package, we’ll see if verstappen continues to level up his game though

  3. As a Leclerc fan,i really understimated his abilities till this season,F2 was amazing,Sauber year was pretty decent,First ferrari year was good and this season he was amazing ,small costly mistakes but everything else is amazing

  4. Both of them are equally good! I really want some title battles between these two and Russell.

  5. It's our generation of Prost (Leclerc) and Senna (Max), so they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. But Leclerc is just so intelligent and considering his youth, it's scary

  6. Leclerc has always seemed more of a finished product than Verstappen, IMO… & that opinion isn't without a bit of irony, considering Verstappen was touted as being close to the finished product (hence the fast-tracking straight into a Red Bull seat despite achieving very little in terms of single seater championships) & Red Bull were quick to announce their eagerness to build the team around him.

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  8. I wonder when Leclerc will Finally win a F1 race with a 100% legal car😈 not in the coming few seasons i believe. Ferrari is really behind right now. Anyway Verstappen was better then Leclerc in Karting and is still better now. And that will never change.

  9. I would say it is not a question of potential russell leclerc verstappen are in the same league maybe max has slightly more raw talent than anyone else but in the end results matter whoever develops himself to lead team make very few mistakes and is in the right car at right time will prevail ( look at Lewis today ) success is a combo of many factors and driver is just one piece of puzzle

  10. I think Lecerc. Look how upset he gets at himself. They are both great but I think Lecerc is great at accepting blame, he will keep learning at a faster rate because of this. For instance Verstappen thinks he did nothing wrong last weekend. But he easily could win that race or podium if he is more patient with Perez as Hamilton was with Vettel early in the race.

  11. Leclerc, Norris, Russell are better than Max. I think that Max will never be world champion.

  12. I think the question of potential can be easily answered: Leclerc has more potential left, he isn't as long in F1 and Ferrari just starts to build around him. But Max and RB are still ahead and the question is: will Leclerc and Ferrari stall before they reach Max & RB? And this is where it gets interesting and nobody knows. Leclercs learning curve is progressive, steady and insane. This must be said. A lot will depend on which couple (Leclerc-Ferrari; Max-RB) adopts better to the 2022 rules. Let's not forget Mercedes also. If they continue to have the best car… you know the thing. I personally would prefer Leclerc, I love this guy in the car and outside of it, but this is a question of personal taste.

  13. I love max and Charles but CL is quick leaner and also I feel like he have so much potential and with time he will be able to show them all but overall I like them both , they always impress me ~~ but I can see Charles being world champion one day and get more better over time I believe on him.

  14. This generation is fucking impressive and Talented I can’t wait to see the next season because this season will be forgotten for me🙂💔

  15. Both are incredible…..the fact they battled at Silverstone and didn't come together is just what we want when the rule changes come and racing hopefully gets closer….so whoever your money is on….your safe.

  16. It's almost un-comparable given that Max has three more years of F1 experience. That said, looking at battles like Silverstone in 2019, Charles' qualy dominance/humiliation of a 4X champion, and the fact that he seems to learn faster if he's made a mistake, I'd take him over Max. They're basically competing for the Merc spot when Lewis retires at this point.

  17. Max Verstappen has beaten Charles Leclerc every time on karting in a title battle. Max simply has the edge over him.

  18. After 6 years you still not understand Verstappen. He takes risks when he can. He had nothing to loose in Turkey so he went for it. Uo til this race he did not madeca misstake in the races and brought the RB16 in places where could not be perfomance wise. Verstappen wil crush Leclerc mentally like he does with his teammates.

  19. Max first bad race of the season and all of a sudden leclerc is better. People forget that although Max came in F1 really early and the first years he learned in motorsport he did in the public eye. People love to compare a 18/19year old Max to 22/23year old leclerc which for me says a lot. They both have almost as much time in autosport. Yes you learn more in F1 than other categories But I love How people never mention that leclerc had so much more time to prepair to get in to F1. It almost sounds like I think leclerc is terrible But he is great! Give him 3 more years experience in autosport before F1 ofcourse he is better than a 18 year old verstappen because leclerc is very very talented.

  20. Way too early to say… both guys are absolutely talented but still much to learn in comparison with Hamilton. Unfortunately, their team/car will decide for a huge part how succesfull they will be. If Ferrari wouldn't have cheated last season, Leclerc would still be without any victory. Same would be for Verstappen if he would have stayed at Torro Rosso. The differences between the teams is way too big at the moment to get really an idea how good they both really are… and who has got more potential/talent.


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