VÀO! Giải ném phi tiêu của Boylesports 2020 – Điểm nổi bật trong ngày thứ ba

Điểm nổi bật từ Ngày thứ Ba của Giải ném phi tiêu Boylesports 2020, khi bốn trong số các nhóm được quyết định và người chơi đặt vị trí của họ trong Ngày 16 cuối.



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  1. Was it unreal Ando? Dimi was unreal Cross was probably better than Anderson today Whitlock as well Anderson wasn't unreal

  2. Have to give anderson credit to win matches with only 1 good leg is impressive. Good on him 👏 👍

  3. You need to put more ads in these Videos, all the darts in between is really annoying. 🙄

  4. 19:39 what has, this stupidity of imaginary virus, brought to us. Ppl don't know what to do. Take a look at Luke and Russ…

  5. Love the fact the players can finally show some proper showmanship at the end of their games and embrace each other. Is such an important part of the game!

  6. Great to see we’re over the Covid19 BS💩 as most players are shaking hands like real Men. Now give us Real crowds!!!


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