Tiếp quản Valtteri Bottas: Ngày trong cuộc đời của một tay đua F1

Valtteri đã trở lại nhà máy vào tuần trước và chúng ta hãy cùng theo dõi anh ấy để xem anh ấy làm được gì trong các chuyến đi đến HQ. Khi chúng tôi nhanh chóng phát hiện ra, không có hai ngày là …



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  1. I am sorry Finland we drink more Coffee in Sweden but I think you drink more proper coffee because we have so many people who poor half the glass full with milk and even before the milk you know it was wrong. You drink coffee from a cup.

  2. Why doesnt he has anny lips ? Did he have an accident, or was he born without lips. Cant he have suregery to make a mouth on him?

  3. He’s just a great down to earth 🌏 understated guy/gentleman! Always rooting for you! 🧢

  4. valtteri ,did you sign a contract to be an F1 driver or just to help lewis securing the title ?

  5. I just love his attitude. It's something about his attitude that makes you feel very pleasant and chill to be around him even though you never met him in person


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