Wu Tang Collection – Đai đen Karate

Đăng ký Bộ sưu tập Wu Tang ngay bây giờ và tận hưởng những điều tốt nhất trong Hành động và Giải trí Võ thuật! Đi đến … .



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  1. Black Belt is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and AMAZING fight scenes 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  2. All are you know, this in movie,,,, indonesian production….black belt….. first actor wili dozan,,,,from indonesia .,,, original……..while he still young man……..
    And movie indonesia,,,, 1998,,, the deru debu,,,,,,,,,i am feom indonesia…..

  3. Bruce liang and li Jin kuan in the demo of karate good.the late master lo lieh is superb as usual

  4. I like the song.. It said something like.. Bullshi, bullshi,bullshi.. Funny😅😅😅..

  5. 70's film with much old school feel (60% time spent at the schools). Movie fill in: Tommy (Larry Lee) arrives in Indonesia and takes work at a martial arts school. The master of the school eventually takes him as a student after he is beaten by top student "Lam". He trains and works with master's son (Billy Chong). His sister is "Tan Wai". A tournament with trophies in the mix. Fighters, one being "Ah Tang" from tournament come to Tommy's school with challenges. Lam leaves the school after argument with master. Plenty of fighting back & forth during all this time. Tommy goes abroad to train. 108 mark enter (Bruce Liang) and (Kong Do). Final minutes will feature (Lo Lieh) and (Peter Chan). The fighting karate, Goju Ryu style, Willi Dozan aka Billy Chong & Indonesia info is thanks to the commenters on this movie site.

  6. Hello,… friend ! Really a excellent picture from martial arts ! I could appreciate the two styles Oyama Karate and Goju Ryu from Yamaguchi sensei ! Spectacular action with good martial actors specially Lo Lieh ! Thank you. Daniel.

  7. I love this movie
    Karate is one of the most powerful fighting style
    Shaolin is god fighting style like than Karate. Jeet kun do is my fav style.

  8. I feel bad for Larry Lee, he was supposed to be the star of the film and the breakout star from Indonesia but instead it was co-star Billy Chong who stole the show.


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