22 lần Roger Federer ĐÁNH BẠI đối thủ

Đơn giản là Rog. Đừng bỏ lỡ tập thứ ba của podcast của tôi. Có sẵn trên Ivoox và Spotify. …


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  1. I know it's FROZE.
    I'm sorry for the mistake but I cannot change the title due to youtube algorithm

  2. That lob against Roddick is one of the best lobs ever played and one of the best shots ever.

  3. I am a huge Rafa fans but watching Roger play just makes me smile. He is really an outstanding player and deserves all the respect he earns.

    Wish him and his family all the best in the future hope everyone stays healthy 💪🏻

  4. He's the type of player who can give you compound fractures because of thes jaw dropping shots

  5. Novak can have the max no of slams and all records when he retires and may be mentally tough..but fed is the GOAT. He can't be like Roger. Novak always has that inferiority complex running in his mind.

  6. Don't know who will end up winning more grand slams…..but there cannot be another RF….

  7. even though I love nadal and joko, this guy is just on another lvl. doesn't matter the # records, titles balbalba, no other player can achieve nirvana at this sport than this guy

  8. That little "nahh way. burrh well it did happen but… ya can't do that" at the end makes me die hahaha!

  9. Huge Federer fan here, but damn… Djokovic is way better then Nadal and Federer combined…

  10. Freeze or froze isn’t quite the word I would use. If he set up and was freezing the moment, that would be freezing. This is more like making the opponent look and give up on the next ball.


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