Rafael Nadal – Tất cả 20 điểm vô địch Grand Slam

Hoan hô! Rafa đã trở thành tay vợt thứ hai trên thế giới có 20 danh hiệu Grand Slam bằng một RG chiến thắng! Djokovic chơi không tệ, nhưng vẫn chưa đủ cho một … Thần đất sét.


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  1. now that is what i call a player he has seen a lot through the career he is just amazing legend definitely

  2. Speechless, I have no words for the champion 💖💖💖 he has face h lot of injuries and ups and downs…but he never setback… You are the real goat and very soon he prove that he is all time the greatest athlete of all sports

  3. Look at the history, nadal beat Federer 24 times, Federer 16, and he also have 20 grand slam after so many injuries, so definitely nadal is best

  4. Tan lindo vamos rafa thank you for the very beautiful years 👍🏿👏🏿🎾God bless you and famely vamos rafa 👍🏿🎾👏🏿🕊🙏🏿

  5. There wii be for ever only one KING of tennis, RAFA, bravo and thank you for all those years who gave more happynies, prouness an joy

  6. Because of being over dominant in clay. People forget how great he is on other surface. In GS outside of clay he is tied 4-4 to both Djokovic and Federer. How can anyone say he is clay court player only.

  7. The love of holding RG trophy is what motivates Rafa. 13 plus other 7s. Incredible

  8. He is makingjoke of this world event change the name of this tournament to Rafa garros


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