Conor McGregor nói chuyện với Giám đốc điều hành Parimatch | Cuộc phỏng vấn truyền cảm hứng mới nhất của McGregor

Tại sự kiện ảo PMGO 6.0 năm nay, Giám đốc điều hành Parimatch, Sergey Portnov đã ngồi lại với Conor McGregor, huyền thoại MMA và đại sứ Parimatch, để tìm hiểu thêm …


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  2. 2:49 "You Gotta go through the storm to see the sun"
    And also conor says you should have growth mindset everything happens for a reason , no reason to cry about situations
    And also control the little things, to make a big thing happen, (what food you obsorb when you wake up etc)
    6:13 you cant build something on an unstable foundation so build a steady foundation, then you wouldn't see the cracks. Or minimal cracks.
    7:36 "I'm fully committed to be the best version of myself"

  3. No respect for Mc Gregor since he called for the police and army to keep Irish citizens locked up in their homes, while he partied in his mansion and went on Mediterranean holidays! The lad from crumlin bent over for the man! 🇮🇪

  4. I knew he was the real deal the first time i saw him fight in ufc and not because he whooped that mans ass i have min but the post fight interview when proudly stated who he was and what he was gonna do ! (like it already happened in his mind ) THAT IS WHEN I KNEW …..

  5. Honestly, what young man can tell themselves that being so rich and famous so fast, coming from nothing, would not get to their head a bit. Money corrupts all, at least he seems to be finding his way.

  6. That "look within yourself" bit at the end is GOLD. He's so inspirational. Any hate against him is so irrational. We all make mistakes, we just don't all have papparazi chasing us around. Go CONOR!

  7. what about technology? yo did they just copy paste the questions they were gonna ask a random millionaire to him


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