VBA trong Excel là gì? | Bắt đầu học VBA Series

Please watch: “Filter Auto-Refresh Macro | Macro in Excel | Excel real Job use Macro” – ~ – दोस्तों ये VBA ….


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  1. Will you please make a video on preparation of reservation roster for appointment in govt. Department

  2. Sir ji, namaskar me Nepal Country se hu, me apka videos Dekhta hu specially excel ke aur vi Dekhta hu, ap ke according ek channel banauna aur Nepali me or English me banana chahata hu , kya me apke according hu bahu explian kar Sakta hu?
    I am your fan, I respect and honour you , please sir ji, my age is over 45 y.

  3. Can we share (email/whatsapp) this User form to clients & ask them to fill their details?

    However, clients should not be able to view each others details.

  4. You are superb.. I have never seen such a teacher like you, the way you explain things are amazing and how selfless personality you are, a real teacher, a real hero…. I love it…. Thanks^1000000000000000……….. lots of love…..

  5. Thanks for making my interest in vba by giving practical knowledge of introduction and your method of explaining the subject is really good and appreciable . Further looking forward your second lecture.


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