Miami Heat chọn Precious Achiuwa với lượt chọn tổng thể thứ 20 | Dự thảo NBA 2020 | CBS Sports HQ

Achiuwa là một trong những cầu thủ giỏi nhất và năng suất nhất trong nước. Bảo vệ điểm là một nhu cầu lớn hơn, nhưng tôi thích sự phù hợp vì văn hóa mà Heat có …


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  1. This was an A+ pick. Miami has plenty of ball handlers and actually Dragic is a third option behind Bam and Jimmy when it comes to getting the team into their offensive sets.

  2. Why did he fall ? Are we supposed to believe that he is a steal and possibly better than the 19 players drafted before him ? If he is sent to the G league while RJ Hampton or Maxey are smashing the league , two players drafted after Precious Achiuwa should he still be considered a steal . I am not completely sold on the kid , he doesn't do one thing particularly well , if anything , he is a marginal talent at best another one way developmental player . The Heat doesn't have one two way player on its roster . The Heat roster consists of one dimensional players , Hero ? one dimensional ! Bam ? One dimensional !
    The Heat passed on drafting Michael Porter as well as Bol Bol both are two way players . I don't know what system of scouting the heat use to determine the ceiling of a player but by their selection of players it quite obvious that the Heat needs scrap that system and start anew . I am tired of this developmental crap.

  3. What happened to Silva though? He’s a young dude and when he got some minutes last season he played really good for the Heat.

  4. Let's go! Now the Heat are just adding more talent to a roster that just came off of a championship lost. I see a championship in 2021…LET'S WIN THIS TIME.

  5. I really like this pick, we needed more defense and a big to compliment Bam and achiuwa fills those needs, he could definitely be a steal for us cuz he was projected to go around the teens. I also liked Tyrese Maxey but I think we already have enough guards, and we probably won’t need him if Kendrick Nunn returns to regular season form

  6. Kendrick Nunn had COVID lmao. Its not as if he got benched for no reason. The kid can ball

  7. Not bad pick, this guy is all around player and he can help bam adebayo on the floor.

  8. Miami will not draft RJ Hampton the team is 2 games short of an NBA Championship it will not get a 19 year old rookie PG that didn't even play in college. 😂

  9. Looks like Goran and Jimmy will have another guy in the team that will be talking about soccer on their free time

  10. Lol “no yelling, no fake debates.”

    Oh thank god – I’m so sick of these talking heads like Stephen A and Max Kellerman yelling out their asses

    Maybe one day we can have civilized television…

  11. Thats just a Heat type pick right there. Same goes for Herro and Bam… imagine if he develops kind of like Adebayo does


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