Đây là lý do tại sao Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio trị giá 80.000 đô la



Written by Doug DeMuro


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  1. Shift paddles mounted on the steering column to suit Americans with straight roads and those cross swapping from Maserati, who also got it WRONG!
    Oh! And who paints carbon fibre red? Alfa of course. Engine takes ages to rev up. In motion it sounds like something from 'Fast and Furious' – should sell well then.

  2. wow what happened to doug? This video shows he has soul and he had energy and was so much more enthusiastic and real. The newer doug is so dead sounding and boring and just… different vibe. i like this style better and how much quicker this doug talks

  3. Where is the Doug Score? Was this done before he started doing them? If so, as mentioned before in the comments, this would merit another review.

  4. Doug, you forgot the 164 was also sold in the US by the original Alfa Romeo before the company was taken over by Fiat.

  5. This thing should absolutely be on your shopping list… along with an extended warranty. Lol that got me

  6. Think Doug is the offspring of NAZI's because of his unconditional love and obsession for Germans.

  7. this is almost the same exact interior as the dodge neon/fiat tipo

    edit : well not exactly but the middle console is almost the same

  8. Did not mention plenty of characteristics that define the car itself….its a daily ferrari bro

  9. 3 years later you can pick one up for under $50k with low miles….such a good deal for such an amazing car

  10. Love the videos. You should add a “would Doug buy for this amount of money” and if not what you’d buy for that money in that segment instead

  11. Doug i came from Cassino, the city where giulia was built. And I want to tell you thanks because don't all the people appreciate this fantastic car. Giulia is our pride. Cheers from Cassino

  12. I miss the longer driving impressions and camera angles. They have been taken out I guess there was some analytics leading to that most likely but the videos suffer.


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