Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras | Vòng 4 Wimbledon 2001 | Toàn trận

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  1. Federers hand eye coordination is beyond belief. His ability to return big first serves is underrated. Incredible.

  2. I can't believe this is the only time they played each other. If it wasn't for the age difference they would have had quite a rivalry.

  3. wimbledon looks so fast here. what happened…. also serve and volley will truly be missed.

  4. Sublime match que je n'avais pu voir en direct. Voir ça 19 ans après à la lumière du parcours de Roger… Émotion intacte.
    Quels joueurs !

  5. C un rêve incroyable pour Federer,battre Sampras à Wimbledon c comme battre Borg à Roland Garros

  6. Great match, but a boring one. Nothing but holding service games by aces or serve and volley. Very few longer rally points. Just serve resulting in an ace or unforced error, or attempt to volley and point over. Rinse and repeat for the entire match. This was no where near the intensity of a fed vs nadal or nole match.

    I find it interesting that the young Federer attacks the net a lot more than older Federer. The current Federer plays the baseline a lot more.

  7. Sampras tried to bully Federer, and Fed simply wouldn't take any of it. Don't get me wrong, Pete Sampras is my favorite player and I do think he truly is the greatest of all time. But this one was well deserved and well played by Federer. Truly was the passing of the torch. Sampras was going out, Fed was coming in

  8. I came here for Federer. But now I miss Sampras's play and game style. Federer resembled him in these days but has very much distinguished himself since then.

  9. Federer acted like he won the tournament. That's how much it meant to him and how momentous it truly was. Amazing how he was able to maintain his composure the whole match, but that moment was too much for him. Incredible.

  10. this is like the match between a young sampras vs lendl.when he took over lendl's reign.i really think sampras was bad for the game he sure made tennis rallies because so many of his points were won by his was the same thing with ivanesevic.

  11. Красота! Просто хочется узнать для эрудиции.
    Кто первым стал играть на высшем уровне бекхенд двумя руками.

  12. Reduced watching Tennis after this match and stopped watching tennis after Sampras retired 😏

  13. When the hell are Wimbledon going to show the 1999 semifinal between Sampras and Henman? They should have the guts to come and explain why they have decided some matches in their acrhives are completely off limits to the general public. Because, I reiterate again, if anyone else tries to upload the match from their collection, it will get taken down. And yet they wont upload it or even highlights.
    It's kind of disgusting.

  14. Great that Federer got a chance to play Sampras at Wimbledon before Sampras retired – it gave it that real changing of the guard feel. Federer not only beat Sampras himself on Centre Court, but when on to beat his records there too. Thanks for uploading this great match!

  15. Wow what a match – sure a bit one dimentional but still very good – the young guns of today is all power power power – no finnes no artistry prefer this tennis…lets ban the modern rackets and go back to wooden so we get some real games without the power I say

  16. I don't understand why many consider this as passing of the torch. For this to be considered the passing of the torch, Roger should have gone on to win that year's Wimbledon which obviously did not happen. This was just an upset. In fact cannot be considered as an upset either as Sampras was not winning at this point of time. It was just his opponents were losing to him. It would have taken any good player to have beaten him on this day. He just came across a a good player in Roger.

    If this is considered passing of the torch then 2002 Wimbledon upset – George Bastl beating Sampras should also be considered as a passing of torch as well. in both cases the winner over Sampras did not go on to win the title.

    1990 can be considered passing of the torch when Sampras beat Lendl, John Mac and went on to win that year's US open.

    The real passing of torch happened when Safin and Hewitt beat Sampras at 2000 and 2001 US open. Unfortunately Safin did not make use of it due to his bad attitude and injury. Hewitt was anyway not a champion material. He was just someone who caould cause some upsets here and there.

  17. Wimbledon Kings
    1970s Borg
    1980s McEnroe
    1990s Sampras
    2000s Federer
    2010s Djokovic
    2020s Covid-19 (so far)


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