Daniel Ricciardo: No Brakes Ep 1 do Thorne trình bày

Xem tập đầu tiên của NO BRAKES: một chuỗi nội dung kỹ thuật số mới mà tôi sẽ ra mắt cùng các đối tác của mình trong suốt mùa giải năm 2020. Đối với tập 1, bạn sẽ nhận được …


Written by Daniel Ricciardo


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  1. He is one of the most inspiring personalities in the world. Every time you see him he has that Great Smile on his face and never saw him sad.
    That's something to learn in life.

  2. Daniel is the funniest person in the F1 enviroment. What a pair with Lando next year!…..😱😱🤣🤣

  3. Daniel really made the most of his time in Austria I mean I would too. look at this place

  4. Daniel is so genuinly nice that it is hard for me to believe that he can be so competitive in F1

  5. I frickin love this dude! He's a full grown man acting like a 16 y/o. He gives me my daily dose of serotonin fr

  6. I had a fucked up day and I just discovered Daniel has a channel. I couldn't dream of anything better 🙂 haha! Keep it up.Good luck on the track 🙂


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