Prince Naseem Hamed vs Floyd Mayweather Jr – Cuộc chiến mà không bao giờ xảy ra

Từ năm 1998 đến năm 2000, huyền thoại quyền anh người Anh Naseem Hamed và võ sĩ quyền anh Floyd Mayweather Jr là những ngôi sao sáng của các bộ môn tương ứng. .


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  1. Floyd would be too chicken shit to fight this guy. Probably wait pass his prime then fight demanding 75% of the pot. Fck floyd, he should join track

  2. Naz got it all because he never fought anyone he was a able to Go forward and not capable of toe to toe he would run from Floyd and loose on points

  3. Bro I’m sorry but mayweather would have beat him so easily .it prolly woulda been one of may weathers easiest fight 😂

  4. Naz would of got schooled! The most legitimate elite boxer he ever faced was Barrera! He got schooled! Morales would have done the same. His lunging unorthodox style would have been exposed again and again by a skilled elite boxer. If Mayweather could pick off Hatton and negate Manny’s right hand, what do you think he would have done with Naz? Naz makes great highlight reels but was overhyped. He also wasn’t an intelligent fighter. He would get outboxed a lot of the time and his power would save him. But skilled fighters like I’ve mentioned would take that power away from him and just know how to counter him. Unlike other great fighters with great reflexes (Roy Jones), Naz didn’t have great timing. He’d throw himself with his big bombs, miss and nearly fall over himself! Watch the Barrera fight again as an example!

  5. Seems to me like prince knew eventually he’d have to fight floyd but after his lost and his hand problems he hung it up..he had a chance to beat floyd earlier but by the time he put his work in and messed his hands up he wasn’t 100%.. floyd would of been even bigger beating prince from the jump but damn would of been a great fight..I got a feeling loam gonna pull same move after this past lost

  6. 2 vo sĩ này thường đánh thế vô gọi là độc chiêu là chạy rất lợi hại

  7. Naz was very exciting to watch and was definitely one was my favorite to watch but he was a hype job and Floyd especially young Pretty boy Floyd Mayweather Jr would destroy him easily

  8. Nas was what he was and I will always celebrate and cherish that he but does not deserve to be considered legend. Point blank.

  9. This is very same reason why Donald J. Trump decided to run for President and build a wall across the Mexican Border.


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