Verstappen tiết lộ “Khá nhiều điều” Red Bull phải cải thiện

Red Bull hiện đang là đội mạnh nhất trong số các giải F1 nhưng họ vẫn kém nhà vô địch mới đăng quang là Mercedes. Red Bull dự kiến ​​sẽ mang lại …


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  1. 5 years from now, Gasly’s team choices is bright for him. I hope Alpha T keeps up their performance

  2. Thanks as always DS.
    If race pace were a function of power, aero, balance and talent then that would be the appraoch. Yes, no, maybe?
    Max definitely has talent, so what's left? It's a shame Honda is leaving right now. They could have stuck around and helped RB win a title. It isn't as though they don't have the talent and resources to wring more power out of the power unit. Anyway, RB will probably falter now unless Honda has something up their sleeve for 2021.
    My 2 cents.
    Thanks and Cheers

  3. what terminal trouble on Gasly's car?🤣they know he gots the potentials they have to stop him with his Asian engine.last race i remember it was Max's rear tyre that went boom,not his engine 😂so shut it!give Max's car to Ricciardo or Norris and i'm sure they'll take it there ….if they'll be allowed to by you know who

  4. That sainz comment was stupid, firstly sainz is a proven talent already in F1, secondly Ferrari always expect results that won’t change next year. What a dumb statement by coulthart (spell check changed his name 50 times I gave up)

  5. F1 is boring it's a one manufacturer race between two drivers one off which is quicker constantly than the other, hopefully 2022 will improve things but I feel we're still suffering at this point in time from the corruption of Eccleston.

  6. LOL grosjean says that as he’s got no seat In formula one anymore. He wouldn’t be saying that, had he signed with a team already 🤦

  7. Atleast Ferrari gave some competition in past season when they were best of rest…. Red bull are so focused on one driver that they can never mount a challenge to Mercedes in constructer championship when they are rest of best

  8. Ever since MV arrived he has blamed the car, team mate, team.
    What makes a driver great isn't being in the best car.
    But achieving with the car you have.
    Senna, Hill, Prost, MS all the greats did it.

  9. Nobody expected RedBull to bring the fight to Merc, let's be honest here! Nor will they next year..

  10. Ocon only beat Max in F3 because Max had 3 more DNF's. Despite that, Max won more races in that series and caught the (working) eye of Dr Helmut. Ocon is hyped if you ask me and hasn't shown anything special in his 3 years in F1. DR is showing him the way home and I'm sure so will Alonso. My guess is Ocon will be dropped by Renault at the end of 2021 in favor of Pierre Gasly.

  11. I totally agree with Max. If your 10 points behind or 50 points behind in the championship your still behind. Ayrton Senna also said “Coming in second is being first of the losers”. Max wants to win and RedBull better listen up or Max will certainly be headed elsewhere in the not to distant future.

  12. Merc's top secret is IN the tyres🤣 tyres on steroids .if it's the Olympics,they'll be disqualified 😂

  13. just put Max in a Renault powered car and see if he can get a podium 🤣he whines a lot for something some drivers would like to have

  14. horse race.there must always be a dark horse for the equal payoffs they have to insert thumbtacks under the foot of a potential not-sofavorite winner or feed it with something undesirable non-energetic dinner or breakfast to slow it down.that's how ''they''make lots of money 😂you people are too's something you can't control.just go bet and pray for miracles to happen .stay naive,have fun 😜

  15. the only reason why Max can split the Mercs is bc he has no competition from a teammate, if Ricciardo stayed & was allowed to battle Max on a weekly basis there's no way he would be 3rd or challenging Mercedes at all

  16. Red Bull either need to get rid of Verstappen or make a car that’s actually drivable for more than one driver

  17. Take some time to refect on how good Max must be. Gasly and Albon have proven to be good if not excellent drivers, but when they get in this years RB, it's apparently so difficult to drive they can't cope. Where for Max it's like a second nature to leave everyone behind him in the dust almost every race. At this point i'm sincerely wondering how Max would do in the Alpha Tauri. I wouldn't be suprised if he would still be able to finish 3rd in what should be a lesser, but easier to drive car.

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  19. The issue with Nico and Lewis was two alpha personalities that were driven by their desire to win races, and Championships.

  20. Red Bull are NOT the best of the rest. It's just Verstappen that upgrades the car. Imagine only Albon driving the Red Bull: he would be behind at least two other teams.
    And don't come with : "Albon is a terrible driver" because this would have shown when he drove for Torro Rosso. He's not that bad.

  21. yeah these tracks really looks like dat (supermarket parkinlots) lmaoooo i dont like it, they shoud go on d nord

  22. I have hated Grosjean since he took out Alonso at Spa. That stupid mistake cost Alonso the championship. Glad to hear him admit that he is 'blocking the seat' Too bad he didn't realize it 10 years ago.


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