Bỉ 2-0 Anh | Tam Sư gục ngã trước Bỉ | UEFA Nations League | Điểm nổi bật

Hy vọng lọt vào vòng chung kết UEFA Nations League của Tam Sư một lần nữa đã bị chấm dứt khi họ bị đánh bại bởi Bỉ. SUBSCRIBE để đảm bảo bạn ….


Written by England


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  2. Before seeing the 1st goal here, I was in favour of leaving Mount on the bench. Now I've seen the 1st goal, he absolutely has to get out and count himself lucky to be in the squad. Schoolboy error, not being ready to receive and to understand why you move to the ball. He's a massive burden to the Eng XI.

    Especially as we have Foden and Grealish creating and scoring. Those with Kane, Rice & Henderson need to be the core in advance of the defence, which is unquestionably weak and in need of so much work.

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  6. Excellent play on both sides! That free kick by Mertens was a classic finish by him, but actually it wasn't a faul at all on DeBruyne. England got less than it deserved here.

  7. last time football reminds a hokkey. Plaing music after goal. Ya v shoke.

  8. Jack Grealish is one of the most technically gifted and skillful English players over the past 20-30 years


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