Bài báo gây tranh cãi của Germaine Greer về Knickers | The Dick Cavett Show

Germaine Greer nói về bài báo của cô ấy, trong đó đặt câu hỏi tại sao phụ nữ mặc đồ lót. Ngày phát sóng – ngày 6 tháng 7 năm 1972 – Germaine Greer #InternationalWomensDay ….



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  1. I remember one time she was on when she was commenting on how much better the British public health system was than what we had. As an example, she said that once a month she would go to the neighborhood clinic and be tested for any venereal diseases. She then produced a little punch card, and showed how "No" had been punched every month during the prior year. Dick Cavett, doing his best impression of Grouch Marx (who was his favorite comedian), leaned forward and said: "Maybe if you said 'no' more often you wouldn't need the little card." That was the funniest moment I can remember from the show.

  2. What the hell was germaine wearing? it looked ghastly was that socks round her ankles? she must have been the worst dressed woman on tv. In 1972 she was a good looking woman she must have been given bad advice on her clothing back stage

  3. Wearing no underwear is commonly referred to as 'going commando'. I've been through phases where I've 'gone commando'. I discovered it's very common for most of the people in New Zealand to 'go commando' when I was over there. Not sure whether that meant the women as well, but I suspect it did. They're a very liberating people. When I eventually got back to the UK, I sounded like a New Zealander, went commando and would only have Vegemite on my toast. 😁

  4. Dick Cavett looks frightened of her.
    Good job she didn't stand up next to Paul Simon too. Both men are intimidated by her physical stature and intelligence.


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