Đã đến lúc thừa nhận 4 sự thật về Russell Westbrook của Rockets – Colin Cowherd | NBA | HERD

Có thông tin cho rằng ngôi sao bảo vệ Russell Westbrook muốn rời khỏi Đội hình của Houston Rockets. Colin Cowherd phản ứng với tin tức này và tiết lộ 4 sự thật về …



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  1. To people actually listen to this man when he talks sports? LOL guys such a joke sometimes. Wade was a complimentary piece to shaq??🤯🤮🤣 you.dont.know.sports.

  2. Nah, you're a joke buddy. Not only you picked the Clippers to EMBARRASE LeBron's Lakers, you also said the Heat shoulda book a vacation instead of the playing the playoffs. Nah, nothing else you can say has value. Nothing.

  3. Finally Colin I finally agree 100% with everything you said everything you just said was right on the button! This is the best take you have ever done!!!!

  4. Didn’t Russ lead OKC to the playoffs? So did CP3 and they both went out in the first round. So I’m not understanding

  5. Colin Cowherd is a Russell Westbrook hater. Don't know why I even stopped to listen, ended up listening for 1min 30 seconds before his hate had me switching to another vid. Pathetic journalism at best.

  6. You get it “from people that are rich and successful”….. idk if Colin knows that Westbrook is rich and successful 😑

  7. hopefully my knicks pick him up and make a wierd frankenstein team soo i cld watch them lose in a better way

  8. “chris paul brought nobody’s in okc to the playoffs” uuuuuhhhhhhh westbrook did this 4 seasons in a row

  9. you had until you implied that D wade wasn't better than shaq when they won or that he wasn't a number one option

  10. Bruh don’t disrespect D-Wade like that. “Oh Shaq’s better”. Shaq’s 13 ppg and D-Wades finals MVP would heavily disagree.

  11. I was with you until you said D-Wade was a complimentary player. Shaq was in decline when he got to Miami and Wade was the clear #1 on that 06 championship team

  12. Chris Paul’s a winner but he doesn’t win titles 😂 then what’s wrong with Westbrook. He’s talking like Westbrook didn’t take a sorry team to the playoffs and get bounced in the first round , as if it’s not the same team 😂at least Westbrook made it to the finals unlike like Chris Paul

  13. Colin just says stuff and makes it seem like he knows what he's talking about lol. He'll be eating his words or backtracking soon enough. Not saying that he doesn't make good points at all sometimes.

  14. Win or lose, Russell is the funnest player to watch. He is amazing. Every. Single.
    Play. All. In.

  15. Colin speaks more truth about teams and players than any other analyst. My personal favorite.

  16. Westbrook should go to the play with Chris Paul the nets or the pelicans Brooklyn could have 3 MVPs

  17. I don't like colin, but i agree with all of his points. Westbrook is toxic and I don't want him anywhere near my team.

  18. I only agree with one of these points. He does shoot too much and takes bad shots.

  19. Blake Griffin was 3rd team all NBA and 3rd in MVP votes for the pistons just 2 seasons ago👍🏾 before his injury.
    That's why I stopped listening to this dude.

  20. You talking about how the media takes a truth and stretches it.. isn’t that what you just did with each of your points?

  21. Was with you till u said “Shaqs better” at that time NO😂😂😂 Wade carried that chip


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