White Hulk (Nga) vs Thiago Silva (Brazil) | MMA Fight, HD

Võ sĩ MMA hạng nặng người Nga Ivan Shtyrkov với hình dáng của Hulk và biệt danh “White Hulk” đấu với cựu binh ufc Brazil Thiago Silva. Cuộc chiến diễn ra ở …


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  1. Brazilians ain’t nothing compared to Russians. They are slowly taking over UFC, now that the Dagestanis and Chechans are n the game.

  2. The one with all the Tatoos looked so unfit, huffing and blowing before the fight; as if he had a Camel on his back…it's a good win taken by the more fitter, far more powerful looking one

  3. Once upon a time Thiago Silve was a cold blooded killer in that cage……like Big Foot the years have caught up……I say bring White Hulk to a bigger fight promotion to test his skill……then we will see – I’m sure he would do well but the stock in UFC and Pride are way better than the one he is currently fighting in….small change!

  4. WTF, os caras ao invés de saírem no soco, eles ficam se pegando, só faltou algum deles pagar um boquetinho

  5. Mas thiagão, incrivel defesa do braço, levando BJJ pro mundo com qualidade. Parabéns!

  6. Thiago Silva tinha tudo pra ser um dos maiores do Brasil no UFC
    Estragou sua carreira no esporte e nunca mais foi o mesmo.

  7. Até as pegadinhas do João Kleber é menos combinada que esse luta kkkkkkk
    Thiago nunca faria isso no Ufc.

  8. I love it when there are two commentators who are having a conversation about something distant (disrespectful incapable idiots!)


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