LỚP HỌC CHIZZY | Điểm nổi bật Ngày Hai Buổi Chiều | Năm 2020 BoyleSports Grand Slam of Darts

Nắm bắt tất cả những điều hay nhất từ ​​Ngày thứ Hai của Grand Slam BoyleSports Phi tiêu! .



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  1. 6:48
    that's actually me throwing there. I pushed Durrant off the stage when the camera switched to the board.

  2. Wayne Warren looks like the guy from Breaking Bad who helps Walt move to New Hampshire

  3. Anderson will probably say whitlock ponytail was making a noise as i was throwing hes so grumpy these days be happy you have the chance to earn millions in a year where as some people dont no where the next meal is coming from due to covid 19 people losing jobs everday

  4. Just like golfers if you're on putting you do well Darts is a game that whoever is on their doubles go far

  5. Was Anderson hobbling on a sore knee or something..? Looked physically uncomfortable to and from the board…

  6. What has happened to Duzza I can't recall him winning any match since he won the premier league..
    His form has nosedived rapidly since he won that..

  7. Even the youngest dart players need to have full sleeves done. The full darting ballast comes later for some.

  8. Ryan Searle’s throw reminds me of Leighton Rees. Makes it look easy. Super smooth and effortless.

  9. Absolutely need to stop PDC! Clickbait ffs? Better than this ffs? You pay idiots to write and set up this bullshit lol! Should be WWF then boys coz that's how I make it look ha ha 😜

  10. some great play, but I wish PDC would be a bit more subtle with the instant-crowd-noise app…..(^_-)

  11. classic chizzy? these highlight packages seem to be made people who hate darts and don't want people to watch. horrendous. pdc dropping the ball all over the place at the moment

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