10 lần Roger Federer làm suy nghĩ của chúng ta | TOP 10 | ATP

Đó là Roger Federer ở vị trí xuất sắc nhất! Đây là 10 lần RF khiến cả thế giới quần vợt phải há hốc mồm với những cú đánh và cuộc biểu tình đáng kinh ngạc này. ĐĂNG KÝ: ….


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  1. For you who is here in 2040 with obviously great taste in sport, just know 2020 I was such a tragic year and I hope all is fine now. Cheers to peace and humanity. I am sure Federer has retired by now.

  2. We usually forget Federer played against Agassi, Sampras and so on ! I hope he will come back for 2-3 years 🙄

  3. I started thinking about the squeaky shoes on the hard courts, now I hear nothing but the squeaky shoes on the hard courts.

  4. Number 2 should be number 1 and the incredible rally in the 5th set of the AO against Rafa should be number 2. 😆

  5. Very very skilled, people will love tennis life long when they watch at least one match of Roger's..

  6. The madrid 2012 is the worst court ever because of the blue clay court it was too slippery and hard to maneuver on

  7. For some people tennis is boring, make them watch this video they will adore tennis forever.

  8. I think this was the right time for RAFA to start a family.coz he was not wiling to play better he could retire!!OMG what a pre-planed match frm him.No stable mind.He never gonna satisfied his fans desires thatswat gonna happen!!what a worst player in Tennis history!!Match-fixing !!

  9. #2 is my absolute favorite. Roddick worked so hard for that point and did everything right, ended with a smash – but there's just no remedy against Federer's magic and insane talent. He's all grace and powerand just has so much fun playing. Biggest icon tennis has ever had for sure.

  10. People who dislikes this,go and play gilli-danda…I must say.
    The ultimate,the very 'BEST'…magician and ofcourse the TENNIS-GOD.
    Love and respect you,ROGER…the 'GOAT'

  11. Federer plays with such elegance that you fall in love with the game… die hard fan of the GOAT… i wish he continues to play forever 🙏🙏


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