Rafael Nadal Press conference after the match against D.Thiem / 2020 ATP Finals



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  1. How does he remain so relaxed and reasonable. How often do they want to say that’s a stupid question he is still the best in every way much love.💚💜🇪🇸💕🇪🇸❤️🇪🇸🌹🇪🇸🌺🇪🇸

  2. This guy's humility……..amazing.God bless you Rafa. Cheering for you always🙏💙

  3. So much respect for Rafa .. here in India the match is at 01:30am and still I will watch his game.. that's what rafa is always great to watch him play. Vamos!!

  4. "It has been a great match of tennis decided for a few small details", summarized it better than they probably could lol, maybe Rafa should imagine he's playing for Spain (which he is in a way) to give himself the mental edge because his level is amazing right now, Vamos Campeón!! 🙂 <3

  5. 6:50 : « I don’t think I have to show to myself or even to anyone that I can win against any player on any surface »
    He was a bit irritated xD but it’s good to hear that from time to time during these annoying press conferences

  6. No Rafa, even if you play your best you cant beat Djokovic on hardcourt anymore. Apparently you didnt play your best tennis against Novak since 2013? Seems long time. He leads you 19-0 in sets on HC… Something is not right there 🤔


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