Khi nào sự thống trị của Mercedes F1 sẽ kết thúc?

Sự thống trị của Mercedes F1 đã kéo dài trong bảy năm từ 2014 đến nay. Điều này đưa Mercedes F1 vượt qua Ferrari để trở thành đội thống trị nhất trong F1 …


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  1. I think Mercedes will be have a engine changes and even caught out by banning tyre changes by 2021

  2. I'm affraid that Red Bull and Ferrari will have a harder time with the budget cap and reg changes than Merc. But only time will tell

  3. I just want to see to Hamilton beaten before he retires and all his records broken in my lifetime hopefully.

  4. they are only that dominant because teams can't test therefore have no chance of really improving there cars

  5. If I was one of the other teams, I would drop my pride, and study how Toto came to the team with what he wanted, what worked what didn't. Apply everything positive that they did with the staff. Watch ALL of their videos, take what we could use leave the rest. Convince my driver to watch Lewis's videos, practice what he does with braking, managing tire wear etc. Incorporating somebody his techniques to their own, and if someone notices, my response would be" Copying? Why not! They're the best, now excuse me, I've got stats to go over".
    Have a great day.

  6. Well ferrari and red bull's most dominant cars came the year before their downfal 🤷‍♂️

  7. Wages are not part of the cap either so Hamilton's wages do not come out of the 145M but are including in the 450M

  8. ALL you guys must be BUTT HURT dissing on Ferrari every chance you get. Nothing you said in this video is NEW, especially being a Ferrari supporter….We have already been there, done that, graduated with honors…. Keep loving your german companies who love to pollute the air, then cheat in their pollution road car tests… You still have a lot to learn KID.

  9. 2022. Hamilton as he ages towards his 40s will lose pace like Valentino Rossi did years ago. The new aero will let the others get close, tuck in the tow, and fight. Even the midfield will podium often and maybe win a couple.

    I hope lol

  10. Most likely when the big brains leave the team like Hamilton, Toto and others. Just like that happened with Ferrari with Schumacher, Brawn and Todt.

  11. If Honda from MotoGP shared engines with rivals and those rivals were almost 1 second a lap slower, wouldn't you want to know how and why? Mercedes don't have the best chassis and they sure don't have the best aero package, so, how and why? It used to be, they had faster straight line speed, now, they're quicker in the corners!? How and why?

  12. I've been following F1 since 2003 and I've only seen "The Pinical of Motorsport" watered down again and again with these huge rule changes. When testing was taken away, I lost a lot of hope for the sport. These new regulations only make me think you'll see a mass exodus of high-level teams and either a new series formed or a MUCH higher focus on WEC. I think we should refer to the new regs as it's own era – as "New F1". This shit is going to be ridiculous. Anyone remember A1 Grand Prix?

  13. Not really related to Mercedes. But I’m very curious to your opinion about Aston in the near future. With Andy Green never having led the tech department at a frontrunning team (as far as I know) how do you think he will make the leap? Having resources, funding and facilities of a top team is 1 matter but then putting it into practice is another. Although the team's past as a high value "points-per-budget" scorer is well renowned.

  14. Well, how did the Ferrari dominance end? It was the tire rule change that favored Michelin over Bridgestone in 2005, no tire changes allowed. Unless Pirelli can somehow come up with tires that can slow down only Mercs, I don't see how their dominance will end.

  15. Biggest pile of BS ive heard in a while, their domination came about because of their political power which allowed them to influence the new future engine designs before they were even announced, mercedes knew about its intricate design a few years before anyone else… and it's maintained again thanks to political power which allows them to pass any innovation off as legal and add sub-rules which make it so in the book while other teams get their innovations cut off or banned very shortly… do you seriously think other team's engineers are out there jacking off while mercedes puts new parts on their car? it's like a boxing match where one side is free to do almost anything while the other has their hands and legs strapped with ankle weights… pathetic…the biggest missed opportunity for F1 aside from adding exciting new circuits is the fact that the new generations of fans will believe this propaganda bullshit and will actually rate mercedes as one of the greatest teams ever when it's all just a massive scam

  16. not really. merc are winners thanks to toto and lewis. a duo even more effective than brawn + schumie. also merc are actually one of the cheapest teams to run. while taking home the constructers and that lovely $100m prize, they also have sponsorship money and as reported elsewhere in the motorsport press… merc only top up the f1 account to the tune of $30m or so per year.

  17. Can’t wait to see Ferrari back to dominate again!! my childhood fav team and still my fav with Red Bull ofc.

  18. Vettel needs to make another Ace on his sleeve Just like 2015 when he joined Ferrari. The race in Turkey and spain showed us he still got it. He needs to nail in this 2022 season. Cars Will be slower but dirty air Will be less effective, which can result with stable end (stable end = killer vettel). He needs to Milk his every single racing skill inside of him to pull at least 1 more championship.

  19. BREAKING: Dr. Fauci says that pandemic will end "before a non-Mercedes F1 team wins a championship"

  20. My opinion is that things can have a shake when the talented individuals that make up the dominant team are gone without a just as effective replacement

  21. I don't want Mercedes team slowed down their F1 cars this season look so beautiful.
    It's the responsibility of the others to catch up.
    With these budget cuts & even more restrictions, this sport is going into danger of becoming boring.
    Anyone remember the V8 F1 sounds?
    Just like that they messed decades of research & engine building by Ferrari, putting the V6 and we said go green.

  22. Im very hopeful for mclaren next year, with the budget cuts and everything, but i feel somewhat hesitant about mercedes engines
    yes theyre seemingly the best on the grid at the moment, and it doesnt look like theres going to be any engine reg changes, but dominance cant go on forever, and its been going on for years now. i hope they havent switched from renault at the worst possible time, but that would be their luck

  23. It's not really the "Mercedes" team. It's a British based team mostly owned by Mercedes.
    If Mercedes sell their share it could carry any label.


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