Tổng hợp những trận đánh / Knock-Out sử thi và tàn bạo nhất 2019

Tổng hợp các trận đánh và đánh nhau hoành tráng và tàn bạo nhất. Nếu bạn thích video, vui lòng để lại một like và đăng ký. Cảm ơn đã xem 🙂 .



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  1. 2:50 I'm black but this is why I will never move to a black neighborhood I can see why most cops are racist I don't blame them not gonna lie B people only have 1_ intention and its fighting smh 😤

  2. 4:17 the fact that he stepped on him, if he would have any damage internally, the security guard would not only be fired, but he would be sued and probably in the streets. That is a MASSIVE charge. He could have handled it better after knocking him out rather than walking away like he's got balls of steel when he doesn't.

  3. He should just tried taking to homeless dude outside maybe not hitting him kinda harsh but that’s just my opinion


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