Giải Grand Prix Azerbaijan 2017 | Điểm nổi bật của FP1

Điểm nổi bật của Quickfire về buổi luyện tập khai mạc từ Baku tại Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017 … Để biết thêm video về F1®, hãy truy cập Like F1® ….


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  1. Tracks like these need to be removed from a calendar. A TOTALLY AND UTTERLY opposite of what racing and F1 should be about. Give us back the natural flowing, opened, surrounded by green, tracks. Fuck these 90 degree corner, slow speed, in the city artificial tracks that feel like they come from some low budget racing game on playstation.

  2. can that comentator not pronounce Azerbaijan, i mean if your job is to run over any form of entertainment with an ass ton of words, you would think they would at least know how to do it

  3. Surely that wheel should not have come off Perez's car. Those tethers should not fail.

  4. You guys couldn't know, but this race was a joke. Stroll, the troll, got 3rd being passed by Bottas just before the finish (hilarious)
    Verstappen's car is just as shitty. Bottas had 1'30 min behind Hamilton who was 1 at the beginning but managed to get 2nd (WTF??)… Vettel crashed into Hamilton because he crashed himself (his own fault) into Hamilton…


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Giải Grand Prix Azerbaijan 2017 | Điểm nổi bật của FP2