SUNS tại CLIPPERS | FULL TRÒ CHƠI NỔI BẬT | 4 tháng 8, 2020

SUNS tại CLIPPERS | FULL TRÒ CHƠI NỔI BẬT | Ngày 4 tháng 8 năm 2020 Người đặt vé xem #TissotBuzzerBeater & Điểm 35 PTS (6-9 3 giờ chiều) cho Power Suns! Devin Booker …


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  1. That was the deadest buzzer beater in the history of the NBA……..the crowd would have went bananas

  2. Suns look sick right now! Imagine if they make the eighth seed? It would be sick to see them in the playoffs. It would be good to see some new teams in there.
    Lakers in 3.

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  4. "That was a bad shot" – 

    PG is now rated E for EVERYONE, because everyone can hit a game winner on him

  5. Think the sun's showing in the bubble give the staff a reason to throw in some money on 2 decent players which i think can make them a contender.

  6. Its weird how the suns got better in a matter of months than the several past years since they have had Devin 🤔


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