Boston Celtics News: Jayson Tatum ký 5 năm, $ 195 MM Gia hạn Celtics vào năm 2020 NBA Free Agency

Bản tin Boston Celtics hôm nay đưa tin về quyết định tái ký hợp đồng của Jayson Tatum với Celtics. Jayson Tatum sẽ ký hợp đồng 5 năm, trị giá 195 triệu USD và trở lại với …



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  1. Now the CORE of the Team i.e Tatum for 5 more years Brown for 4 more years before either needs more money. THIS is the Core and THIS is our 1 and 2 best players so ppl chill the fck out. Add Marcus Smart, Kemba, Theis, 2 draft picks I like, Tristan, Teague, and R Williams and Grant Williams. We do not need outside help, we need our talent to simply age….. and improve year in year out.

  2. I love Marcus Smart as most of us do but I don't think he should be our starting SG. We need more offensive quality there imo. It really showed when he started to chuck up threes when we got eliminated against Miami.

  3. He's special, the face of a young potential championship caliber team 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. Danny Ainge has made other GM's not want to trade with us and makes players not consider Boston as a destination. Why he still there.

  5. A BIG YES! I am a fan of Tatum since his rookie year. I hope he stay with us and his No. 0 will rise up on the rafter. More Championship. anyway FIRE DANNY AINGE!

  6. Love it and very happy for Tatum. Must confess I’m a little nervous. Everytime we pay a guy he ends up with injury problems😂

  7. He should thanks hayward for turning down that 34M… That 34M went into Tatum pocket… Lol


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