Cập nhật bảng xếp hạng & bảng vòng chung kết ATP 2020

Nếu các bạn muốn ủng hộ kênh và báo Tennis độc lập từ giá cà phê một tháng với toàn bộ số tiền thu được sẽ hướng tới việc tăng nội dung ….


Written by Tahmid Saleh


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  1. Tahmid how are you young man!!! Excellent video once again. You always seem to be right on point!! I like your choices. My choices are Rafa, Dominic, Danil and Novak. Going in I thought whoever had Diego in their half and avoided Thiem was going to have the easier half. It worked out for Novak. Diego is this year’s Berrettini. With that said, Novak is probably the favorite but you never know. Excellent video. Thanks for taking the to make this video even though you have a busy schedule. 👍

  2. In my opinion Rublev has a very one dimensioned game, he only blasts the ball and that's it.
    It was extremely frustrating watching him on the french open because of this.
    So I think he'll go out without a win.
    Thiem and Tsitsipas are very evenly matched, so that's a tough call.
    Watch out for a Dieguito surprise win on Novak's group!

  3. This is rafa's best chance let's see if he can win this time it's good that he avoided medvedev and Zverev so it seem that he will definitely going to semis🔥🎾💪

  4. Finally ur video came after a long time. Thanks mate….
    As for the prediction, my picks
    Djokovic & Zverev / Thiem & Rublev

  5. I miss you but it's ok 😚…. I think Rafa has a chance this time… Semi final is sure…

  6. Tsitsipas and Theim have been injured recently and l''m not sure of either of them playing consistently at their top level.

  7. The WTF has always been my favourite tournament. No easy opponents, all QF level matches, all top players (except that time when Gaudio played), you can win despite losing a match.
    Group Tokyo: Novak not qualifying would be a major shock (although lesser than him losing to Sonego). Zverev v Medvedev should decide the other spot. The surface should suit Medvedev, so leaning towards him. The conditions are cruel for Diego. He did well to qualify but I don't expect him to win much here.
    Group London: This is obviously Rafa's least favourite surface but I'll still back him to qualify. Tsitsipas is my second pick. The conditions should suit Rublev's attacking game but his defense will be exposed. The opponents are too good to allow Rublev to dictate points. As for Thiem, I thought he'll end win zero wins last year but he almost won it. The surface is still not to his liking but you never know.
    Prediction: Tsitsipas v Medvedev final

  8. All the eight players have a chance to win, but it all depends on their performance and days.

  9. something you could have mentioned as well is, that the ATP-Points System is active till end of march 2021, and how a win on this years world tour finals affects novaks attempt to break federers all time record (most weeks nr. 1) in march next year. So last year novak played a bad finals tournement, so many points to gain this year, technically this tournement is still important very for novak, as he can very likely secure the all time record from federer if he wins this. Cuz ATPCUP 500 and AUSOPEN 2000 Points are safe for the beginning of next year. If he ads additional 1500 Points to his 11600, that would make a gap that rafa can`t close, even if rafa ends up winning the AO, what is unlikely to happen. but still. Very important tournement for novak, historical wise.

  10. Based on previous years I'd probably rule out Djokovic and Nadal given their rankings at this stage…

    ….but this year it might be their time to shine!?!

    However, I'm thinking Soviet Union related players Medvedev, Zverev and Rublev all have chances and the top two seeds may do early exits again.

    Personally, I'm hoping it is the former as the chances of the top two playing against each other in these final events diminish each year.

  11. Welcome back Tahmid ! Hope everything is well there ! Once again amazing video with your facts and stats also in it. Excited for the WTF to begin since we havent had such an action from RG's end. As you mentioned groups are well balanced with a slight advantage to Novak's group (being a little bit more easy, cause there its Schwartzman, with no offense on him he had a great year and i hope he will have a good debut on the event too). As i have said previously, i am so eager to see how much willing is Novak to give a go to the trophy so that he will achieve in the same year the both records tying with 6 YE#1 (along with Sampras) and 6 wins of WTF (along with Federer), and pretty much clinching the record of 310 weeks of at no.1 (if he wins it, and add another 1500 or 1300 points) in the upcoming March 2021, it will be a huge achievement for him, or he will rather prefer to stay conservative and focus on getting prepared for AO21. Cant wait for the event to start !

  12. I take Thiem or Medvedev. Thiem because he lost last year, and Medvedev to salvage his overall poor season. Compared to last year.

    Nadal and Djokovic no way. They might reach final, but will not win the tournament. Djokovic just dont have that motivation to win this. He rather play it easy to prevent injuries.

    Schwartzman can cause an upset, he can atleast win 1 match.
    Rublev is not convincing yet to me, but I think will beat Nadal. He is very motivated to finish the year in the best possible fashion.

    Zverev is inconsistent. If he meets Medvedev or Thiem, he will lose.

  13. My predictions are Nadal and Tsitsipas to go through, Medvedev and Zverev to go through the other group. Zverev to win the tournament

  14. Thank you for this video Tahmed.

    I believe at this line-up that the Djoker will win the title..😉

  15. easy prediction:
    LONDON THIEM(first) NADAL(second)
    el Nano & Rublev do not belong here they will get destroyed

  16. I want Rafa to win but i think its going to be Thiem or Tsitsipas that win the tournament

  17. My prediction closely after RG 2020 was:
    "Rafa is a likeable man, but I think RG 2020 was his a last GS. Novak will be back in 2021 and a next gen will come."
    Already ATP Paris shows that Rafa has problems. Sorry for my bad english.
    My prediction for London 2020:
    Th + R / D + M

  18. One question :
    If Djokovic wins London is he sure to have more than 310 weeks as player no.1 ?

  19. Are you going to the WTF again this year? Make sure you get some video of them playing this time!

  20. Thiem is hurt he has no chance. Tsitsipas might have an injury, if he’s hurt no shot if not by default he’s second. Rublev by default is last and has to prove how big game ability before I pick him to advance to a big tournament sf or better.

  21. Judging from who is hungrier to win this match, I would say Rafa will go for it coz he I’d frustrated in his game in Paris and then a nextgen. Novak alrdy confirmed his no. 1 so he isn’t that motivated. In his group Medvedev and Zverev are more likely to go to the final, just my opinion.

  22. Welcome back tahmid !!! 👍🙌

    My predictions seem to be a minority among the tennis community 😒😋

    I believe big servers stand a better chance… so my picks are:

    Group tokyo:
    Sascha and daniil

    Group lindon:
    Rublev with thiem a close 3rd considering he is not at his physical best.

    However for their legacies i again would like to either see rafa win his 1st or nole tie the most titles here in london O2.

  23. So frustrating. I go college at the building directly outside the O2. Tried to go in today and they said it’s closed until lockdown is lifted. Could see the practice courts tho 🤣

  24. Wtf is considered next after Grand Slam 😂 wat are you smoking tamid please tell me u chocosqirille

  25. bold prediction. Djokovic won't make it out of his group. Sascha and Danii will make it out.

  26. I had to think about this for a little bit because It’s so hard to predict. I personally think Nadals group will be the easy one (Theim/Nadal) the hard one to predict is Group Tokyo (Djokovic is certainly 1 but no. 2 will be interesting.) I think that Medvedev will end up with Djokovic in the end though
    SF: Djokovic def Nadal, Theim def Medvedev
    Final: Djokovic def. Theim in 3 close sets.
    Great video as usual Tahmid great work 👍


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