Leclerc sẽ rời Ferrari để đến với Mercedes?

Với tư cách là nhà vô địch Liên tiếp 7 lần liên tiếp giành được giải thưởng Nhà xây dựng và Lái xe, Mercedes được nhiều người coi là chiếc xe được …


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  1. As a Ferrari fan i say that probably Charles deserves to drive a Mercedes but i'm very happy with his decision. 🙂

  2. Apart from a gaggle of rich Shiekhs Saudi Arabia has no real F1 fan base and never will. What tourism it has is heavily censored to comply with its religious laws. Its human rights violations are considerable, it operates a feudal system and their leaders instruct murder of their political opponents abroad.

    There comes a point when sport has to take on their social responsibilities and trying to claim it supports Black Lives Matter while tarting itself out to the highest bidder is shameful.

    I doubt anyone has considered that F1's key sponsors such as Heineken and 188BET will probably be banned, anyone with an Israel passport is unlikely to be allowed entry and women will have to be covered up and same sex venues will be off limits to single males.

  3. More boring desert races… Great.
    I rather see a permanent return of Turkey and Portugal. In favourable weather…

  4. Does Ferrari deserve to be back at the top? I don’t think so. The politics, how they treat each other, how they constantly flout rules (engine oil burn, anyone?). Do they deserve to be poor atm? Yes, I think they do.

  5. Well it’s not a good idea staying with Ferrari for 5 years because soon as youngsters turn up at Ferrari they do more work for them and replace the older driver’s just what they done with Vettel.

  6. Useless video. Being Italian and Ferrarista, I can tell you that if you are a real Ferrari man, you strongly despise Mercedes, hence, you will never go there. If you are Leclerc, you don't want to lose your face, and for what anyway, for a team that has not even half of Ferrari's carisma and importance? Leclerc is half italian, and he wants to be able to walk again in Italy without being attacked or insulted.

  7. Saudi Arabia? That's another race to boycott. At this rate I won't be watching half of the races!

  8. Ferrari: being very partial towards Leclerc
    Leclerc: leaves Ferrari and joins mercedes
    Ferrari: suprised Pikachu face

  9. What ridiculous clickbait. U should be ashamed of urself this will never happen in a million years

  10. Lmao seeing the toxicity of the comments against Ferrari .
    How old are you guys, 13? This sport used to be something else.

  11. Merc might have a record, but it's only 9n the new era with no competition! Ferrari have had to earn theirs. Ferrari will always be Special though, cannot even compare, the world wide fans alone make it special.
    Winning with Ferrari for a driver means more then winning with any other team, you become a God in Italy and around the world with Ferrari fans. McLaren and Merc, Red bull only have fans with flags, noth8ng else.

  12. Of course, not! I think he already feels that Ferrari is like a second home for him! Next year, Carlos will accompany us! So I believe that Charles will stay in Ferrari till the end! FORZA FERRARI! FORZA CHARLES LECLERC! FORZA CARLOS SAINZ!

  13. No to DRS. I would prefer to see drivers use their turbo boost. However, I do like the use of the stored energy that is giving that extra boot to F1 cars. US Indy cars are a much simpler form of racing but more fun to watch & more fair competition. I don't think Hamilton would not last in American auto racing. He is too spoiled.

  14. Memo to that Saudi Prince – its not so much that you've been "closed up" its the regularly chopping people's heads off with swords, carving journalists up with bone saws, waging wars and spreading toxic Wahhabi brain-washing globally and, oh yeah, imprisoning and mistreating half your population for the non-crime of being born female.

  15. Mercedes needs worse drivers, not the best drivers.

    Otherwise F1 races will be boring – them being too strong package and winning top positions, almost everytime.

  16. I can’t see Charles with Mercedes or any other team , I feel like Ferrari is his right place with the red car


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