Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2 là chính thức, Cộng đồng UFC phản ứng, Deiveson figuentico

Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2 tại UFC 257 được thiết lập, cộng đồng UFC và cả hai phản ứng, Deiveson figuentico cảnh báo Brandon Moreno trước UFC 256, Valentina …



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  1. Dustin will get slept again fast McGregor hits harder than anyother oppent dustin has faced McGregor has that one hitter quitter

  2. Conor won't talk smack he has nothing to prove anymore plus he has grown up, be respectful be fair and fight what else is there,

  3. Conor said what's better than one Diamond? Two Diamonds! LOL the best trash talker ever…

  4. UFC is back? Dude, nobody needs MC chicken. Get real !!! Lot of fun and cool fighters out there!

  5. Didn’t know CODY “ tested for COVID-19” hope he heels up quickly 🙏🏻😂🤣

  6. UFC is back thank God. No more only wrestling every fight against smaller non wrestlers. Evolving Champs Only.

  7. Gonna be borrringggg. Fight someone you havent already beat. This guy just wants the easy fights…

  8. Why would you wanna see 2nd fight of them…it sucked… Either Ferguson and Poitier or Connor the winner go fight Khabib ..
    You know Connor only have few life lines because ufc know his a has been. So ufc need to stretch Connor much as possible.

  9. Damn Dana White, pay Deiveson some big money. He is the kind of champ that the UFC needs. No disrespect to Costa bc he is only 29 and I do think he will become a UFC champ at some point but Deiveson is already what u hoped Costa would be. His English is non-existent but he is a male Brazilian champion, he is very exciting to watch and December will be his 4th fight this year. He is quickly establishing himself as a the busiest, most dominant and most devastating male champion in not only the UCF but in all of MMA. If nothing else at least hire him a translator. The Gracie Terminator’s translations are dishonestly inaccurate.

  10. Good work Connor. It's Time. I personally would not like to fight Conno. I would like Macca to Atone & get the W. ☘️🤴🏼

  11. Wow I’m so excited, mcgreggor isn’t facing the same man he beat years ago. This is a new Dustin! Lol gonna be fuckn fiiiiiire


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