Kylian Mbappe là hạng khác 2020/21

Bật thông báo để luôn cập nhật các video mới tải lên! –– ➤➤ Kylian Mbappe 2020/2021, Kỹ năng, Bàn thắng, Tốc độ, Hỗ trợ Theo dõi tôi: Twitter ….


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  1. There are comparisons to Ronaldo and Messi? I ve seen a lot of comments. I think not though.

  2. is it just me or the defenders are very weak? or maybe they are just scared of him haha

  3. Mbappe can do some things that Rashford can't do but Rashy can do plenty that he can't do.
    Look at Rashford's showreel "how good Marcus Rashford has become" and add to that his spectacular Free kick against Chelsea last season. And his winner against PSG 2 days ago.

    They're 2 different players but I'm really not convinced Mbappe is levels above Marcus at all. Kylian is hugely overrated so far in my opinion.

  4. Mbappe vs Martial
    Mbappe vs Rashford
    Mbappe vs Asencio
    Mbappe vs Ousmane Dembele
    Mbappe vs Felix
    Mbappe vs Sancho

    Mbappe remains the Best

  5. Best on the planet by far he only 21 and not in his prime yet he get picked up soon by a premier league side.

  6. Hit the thumbs up button if Mbappe and Messi would be a great pair to play in football
    Comment if you think Ronaldo and Mbappe would be a slightly better pair


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