Verstappen FURIOUS sau khi RETIREMENT! | Đài phát thanh Uncut Monza 2020

Max Verstappen đã hoàn toàn NGHIÊM TÚC khi động cơ Honda F1 2020 của anh bị hỏng một lần nữa trong Giải GP Ý 2020 tại Monza! Chào mừng đến với kênh của tôi! .


Written by F1Fun4u


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  1. And people have the gaul to bitch about Lewis getting annoyed on Radio but I only ever hear this guy moaning and moaning and moaning.

  2. does anyone else think these modern f1 drivers are whining little bitches, if ya car has problems either drive round em or park it, dont cry like a little kid

  3. Sounds like a spoiled…
    Sounds like an " I'm an entitled…
    Don't like it, find a different gig with that attitude. Good luck.
    I'll take his ride!

  4. All these enginer mappings and changes is also a fucking joke. Give them an engine with no control over it like in the good old days so they can get back to racing instead of being rocket scientists during a race……………………..

  5. I don't think this is about the Honda engine per say, it's more to do with the lack of engine modes available, that's hitting max hard.

  6. Hopefully a champion of the future, just got to learn some mechanical sympathy and grow out of his man child phase!

  7. Honda engines killed Jacques Villeneuve's career. How many others will they take with them. They build great engines for street cars, but racing engines………….

  8. Honda thought GP2 engine was offensive, this weekend as well Max went on rant about the Honda PU.

  9. The guy is young as shit, is incredibly talented (maybe the best driver in the grid), and has enormous pressure on him to split the Mercedes cars. He also consistently beats his teammates handily notwithstanding mechanical issues. He'll get better and better.

  10. but if you bite the hand that feeds you
    and spit in the face, of those who need you
    dont you know when you are old
    Who is gonna feed you when you're on your own?

    i dont know why this song came to my mind

  11. Here we go. This kid will run out engine suppliers that will want to work with him with his disrespectful attitude and foul language.

  12. "Max let me get this straight, please. Are you saying the engine is fucked? Please confirm. Thank you."


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