F | MD | LI / LIU (CHN) so với ENDO / WATANABE (JPN) | BWF 2019

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  1. Li and Liu put on an awesome display of power play and deft shots to beat Endo and Watanabe in straight games. I have noticed that Watanabe tends to lose one of two matches in finals in which he is involved and the fact that the pair has played only one match in this tournament and lost it is not a good sign and Kamura and Sonoda should have been used instead. Good start for China.

  2. Absolutely right, Gill, Liu has been playing much better lately, it used to be this pair only wins when Liu was playing well as he can be tuned out sometimes, but this has been reversed, now he is always playing well with more focus and power than Li!

  3. Sorry. But again it’s the same formula to win Watanabe/Endo – Endo loose defense.

    Many times including Asia Championship, Watanabe saves the match with magnificent defense and skills while Endo has had very sloppy defense as compared to a Watanabe.

    Kevin/Gideon had difficulty to penetrate Watanabe defense.

  4. Bner2 g ad serangn dr jepun kekny.. pnsrn klo duo twer vs kamsod 😆 aplgi klo vs mnion … Pnsrn pke bgt 😍

  5. Yuta n endo, lebih mengandalkan defense… Ya memang enak dilihat, byk bola2 ajaib, tp susah untuk dapat juara terus dng style seperti itu, mungkin lawan Minions bisa menang (tp Minions sudah belajar dr kesalahan tentunya dng melatih rotasi posisi), tp melawan pemain bertipe power akan kesusahan mereka, tembus tuh defense… Lawan Ahsan Hendra mereka kalah… Power Ahsan dan kecerdikan Hendra mampu nembus defense mereka…

  6. At 45:57, I think the umpire having a word with the Japanese player not only because of the "grip powder issue"… I think it's mainly because the Japanese player held on to the shuttle while walking over to his belongings to get the grip powder (or whatever he's planning to do)!!
    Look closely, after winning that particular shot, the Chinese player attempt to pick up the shuttle right away, however for god's know what reason the Japanese player snitched the shuttle and walk towards his belongings!!! (looks fishy to me🤔🤨)
    Maybe it's some kind of mental-game that they are playing, but I think the umpire did the right decision to have a word with the Japanese player!!!

  7. Kuncinya mati matian menang di game 1… Endo/watanabe lemah di game ke 2, colek Kevin/Gideon. Endo/Watanabe ini kaya Momota versi double, stamina nya tahan lama, karena tipe mainnya defense. kunci nya harus bisa menang game ke 1

  8. Emang lawan yuta endo ini harus disertai placing yg mantap, kalo hanya smash2 mungkin susah tembus

  9. Hi. Endo, if you are watching your own game here, please tell me the brand of your hair jelly. It looks cool. not even messing the hairstyle at play. Thanks.


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