Xem đầy đủ cuộc chiến giữa Conor và Cowboy tại UFC 246 !! .


Written by AHMED


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  1. See he one the fight and didnt even have to finger his opponent on the ground thos were the days

  2. McGregor sucker punched him tbh. Still doesnt take away from his great performance, I mean he is a KO artist and its basically his job. All Im saying is that cowboys potential was severely undermined. The same happened in the Askern and Masvidal fight.

  3. 2:11 “You’re my son. You know I love you, I love you like my bitch. Now lean your head on my shoulders like a baby”

    -Connor 3years ago

  4. no FCKING FIGHTER IN THE WORLD can make a crowd go this fucking wild and crazy after his fight . The way conor wins fights and the support that he has is just unreal .

  5. Conor’s movement and this phenomenal ability to inflict precise and concentrated damage from any position, distance and angle. He is a true martial artist

  6. I honestly think if McGregor doesn’t throw that first strike it doesn’t end so early

  7. Are you people blind??????!?! This fight is matrix slow motion to show it’s clearly stage lol. Look at the pause in mcgregors punches, he doesn’t even know when to throw them.


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